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A Fully Integrated Management System For The Automotive Repair Shop

If you are tired of having to use multiple software to get the result you want, and are wanting to improve your business efficiency with access to cost effective marketing strategies, then Cloud Auto Service is the team for you. We strive to help deliver innovative techniques to our clients through evaluating industry trends and advancements. Cloud Auto Service Premium Online Account is a totally integrated package that includes all the tools you need as a professional automotive repairer to operate your business efficiently. It hails as a fully integrated solution, meaning that you can avoid the frustrations and wasted time that using multiple software packages can create. We have literally created a one stop high end auto repair management solution for your business that is totally geared toward improving your bottom line. Our team is committed to providing the best online workshop software programs for automotive repair shops.

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Customer Management

  • Create workorders for new and existing customers, view previous vehicle services and keep customers up to date on the status of their vehicles.
  • Our auto repair software can be used across both desktop and mobile devices, making it a highly functional online workshop software base.
  • Storing data on a web server opens a whole plethora of opportunity for the end user for instance, complete the job card on a tablet or iPad, take photos with a mobile phone or tablet, attach them to the job and even email them direct to your client.
  • The information can be accessed on local or cloud based database, with user interface for both options being the same, so if you initially store your database locally there is no “learning curve” when switching to a cloud solution.


  • Keep accurate up to date numbers so you always know the precise performance of your business. Are you looking for a proven way to simplify, streamline and supercharge your automotive business?
  • Do you want to know precisely what’s happening in every area of your business at all times?
  • What would your business look like if you could automate almost all of the day-to-day management so you can focus on what you do best?
  • Cloud Auto Service is an advanced business management software suite designed specifically for the automotive trade. This easy-to-use software provides “point and click” simplicity in all areas of your business:


Track hours, optimize scheduling, maximize efficiency of techs, send out service reminders…so your service department is a constant and reliable profit centre.


Minimize inventory and maximize margins…totally integrated with your service department…


Track sales, track salesperson performance…so you keep your inventory moving…with the highest possible margins…


Keep accurate up-to-the-minute numbers so you always know the precise performance of your business plus keep up with taxes…


Fully integrated with all your accounts for vastly improved cash flow and reporting…


Send out service reminders…build a valuable database…keep customers returning and buying again…

Inventory Management

An Inventory System

An inventory management is the system used to organize and track all of the company's goods during the time the company owns them. Once they're sold, inventory is converted to revenue. In some industries, inventory management is also known as stock management. This is common in the retail sector for example, where apparel or home goods inventory is considered "stock on hand." No matter the size of a business, from a small neighborhood gift shop to a multinational corporation, effective inventory management can make the difference between failure and success. Even a basic inventory management system can ensure that appropriate levels of products are kept on hand to serve customers without tying up capital in an unproductive fashion.


This system uses the familiar label of black stripes that are already affixed to the product, packaging or pallet. Wearable barcode readers can speed up this process, allowing workers to shave scanning time a few seconds per item. One of the main advantages of the bar code system is the data is input in a useful digital format at the same time, so the count is more real-time. With the accuracy they get with barcodes, managers have more confidence to make purchasing and sales decisions based on the inventory levels.


Cloud Auto automatically generates updated inventory orders for all suppliers based upon useage and in-stock levels


Single Click receiving based upon the orders generated


Labor Guides

  • Get detailed, in color labor guides for any vehicle you are working on. We are partnered with Motor, which means you can get instant access to any service guides, wiring diagrams, procedures or diagnostic codes you may need.
    • Integrated
    • Component Locations
    • Diagnostic Truble Codes
    • Fluids
    • Maintenance Schedules
    • Part Vector Illustrations
    • OEM and Aftermarket Parts
    • Service Prodedures
    • Technical Service Bulletins
    • Wiring Diagrams

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