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We are partnered with MOTOR to give you accurate and up-to-date labor guides, wiring diagrams and procedures straight from the manufacturers.

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Why use an accurate Labor Guide

  • Estimating Costs: Automotive labor guides provide standardized estimates of the labor time required to perform specific repair or maintenance tasks on vehicles. This helps mechanics and auto repair shops to provide accurate cost estimates to customers.

Billing Accuracy

  • By having standardized labor times for various repair jobs, auto repair shops can ensure that they are billing customers fairly and accurately based on the time spent on the job.

Get Labor Guide Made Easy

  • Determine the labor time suggested by OEM
  • Get individual part breakdowns
  • Auto add labor to workorders with just one click
  • View images of the parts you are looking at


  • Labor guides help mechanics and technicians plan their work efficiently by providing estimates of the time required for different tasks. This allows them to schedule appointments and allocate resources effectively.


  • With a labor guide, there is consistency in estimating labor times across different repair shops and technicians. This ensures that customers receive consistent pricing and service quality regardless of where they take their vehicle for repairs.

Step-By-Step Procedures and Diagrams

  • View and print procedure guides
  • Get diagrams displaying each individual part
  • Look at colored wiring diagrams
  • Figure out exactly where compenents are



Track, in real time, the performance of your shop with our automotive shop accounting software.
See demographic breakdown of all Vehicles worked on.

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Point of Sales

View active workorders and the status that they are in
Hover over each job to get a quick summary page of the work being performed

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Plan your days effeciently with our automotive repair scheduling software. Easily track the what, when and how long of customer appointments.

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Color Schematics

Wiring Diagrams provide comprehensive guides as published by the Original Equipment Manufacturer

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Labor Guide

Partnered with MOTOR to give you accurate labor guides, wiring diagrams and procedures straight from the manufacturers.

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Inventory Management

We offer a complete system that takes the burden of managing inventory off your hands.

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Give Customers The Confidence They Need To Keep Coming Back

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Factory Specs

Get accurate and reliable factory information, gathered directly from the source.

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