Itemized breakdown of service recommendations

Information Direct From OM

Get accurate and reliable factory information, gathered directly from the source

Importance of Factory Specifications

  • Factory specifications include recommended maintenance schedules, service intervals, and technical specifications for parts and components. This information helps vehicle owners and mechanics perform routine maintenance and repairs according to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Safety and Compliance

  • Itemized breakdown of service recommendations
  • Automatic recommendation when near a service interval
  • Service data updated reguarly
  • Service breakdowns for mileage, time and in-car systems

Importance of Factory Specifications

  • Factory specifications include safety features, crash test ratings, and compliance with regulatory standards. Consumers can assess the safety credentials of a vehicle based on these specifications, contributing to informed decision-making and road safety.

Diagnostic and Troubleshooting

  • Factory specifications include diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting guides, and technical specifications for diagnosing and repairing vehicle issues. Mechanics and technicians rely on this information to accurately identify problems and perform effective repairs.

Factory Pressures, Weights and Volumes

  • Quick and easy specs glance when creating workorders
  • Easy, one click interval service to jobs
  • Complete list of parts and oils for vehicles
  • Recommended labor times for each service requirement

Regulatory Compliance and Certification

  • In some cases, compliance with specific factory specifications may be required for regulatory certification, emissions testing, or vehicle registration. Ensuring vehicles meet these specifications is essential for legal compliance and roadworthiness.



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Factory Specs

Get accurate and reliable factory information, gathered directly from the source.

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