Point of Sale

POS Main Page

Track Status Of Existing Workorders

  • View active workorders and the status that they are in
  • Filter workorders by quotes, active, pending or completed jobs
  • Hover over each job to get a quick summary page of the work being performed
  • Get Access to all day to day activities from this one home page
Revise screen

Customized Job Add-on Screen

  • Create a customized job add-on screen to be able to add your most common jobs to a new workorder with just one click
  • View currently added jobs on a workorder to prevent double tasking
  • Get factory recommended parts for most vehicles to make job creation easy and hassle free
  • View recommended service mileage, tire pressures and common hardware replacements to help give customers suggestions on additional work that may be needed
Merge Screen

Complete Itemization Breakdown Of Each Job

  • View, edit, remove or add any labor or parts to your job
  • Generate pdf copies, saved on the cloud, for each revision to a job for complete transparancy
  • Customize parts mark-up price for each job depending on what you want
  • Edit customer or vehicle details if any mistakes were made while creating the workorder

Detailed, Transparant Receipt For Customers

  • Print, email or text customers copies of their receipt with info on every part added and labor done to their vehicle
  • Generate a customizable check-list for customers if your shop offers inspection/saftey guarentees
  • Display any warranty information that your shop may offer on the receipt
  • Get physical and digital, cloud saved, copies of receipts so you can track jobs and customer history in the future with ease

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