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Best Fuel-Efficient Cars Under $35,000

Even better than a car with great fuel economy is one that shines in Consumer Reports’ road tests, with strong predicted reliability, high owner satisfaction, and solid safety performance. In other words, a model that has a high Overall Score and miles per gallon for its class. We have curated 10 such cars priced under $35,000, which puts them far below the average price for a new car today.
Posted:Tue Dec 05 13:55:02 EST 2023

Best Hybrid SUVs That Cost $35,000 to $45,000

Consumers shopping for a midsized SUV would do well by not only considering a hybrid model but also focusing solely on one. That’s because today’s hybrids have little in common with the slow and noisy ones from a decade ago.
Posted:Tue Dec 05 13:37:48 EST 2023

Best Car Tires of 2023

Tires look simple and can easily be taken for granted, but their design can be quite sophisticated, from the rubber compound chemistry to the tread design. Differences among tires can have an impact on braking, handling, ride, noise, and even fuel economy. Given how complicated tires are, choosing the right replacements can be challenging, especially if you depend on word of mouth or in-store marketing messages. That’s where Consumer Reports can help.
Posted:Tue Dec 05 11:52:20 EST 2023

CR’s Real-World EV Range Tests Show Which Models Beat EPA Estimates

The advertised ranges of many electric vehicles can vary a lot from the number of miles they can actually cover on a highway road trip, new testing by Consumer Reports shows. When driven at a constant highway speed of 70 mph, some vehicles we tested fell up to 50 miles short of their advertised ranges, while others exceeded their advertised ranges—one by more than 70 miles.
Posted:Tue Dec 05 06:00:05 EST 2023

Overcoming the Challenges of Owning an EV in a City

Although all by themselves my personal habits aren’t dramatically turning up the dial on global warming, I still want to do what I can for the planet. At home, my Amazon deliveries come bundled, my appliances are Energy Star certified, my toilet is dual flush, and I’ve replaced the oil-burning furnace with a heat pump and installed solar panels. I’d consider getting an electric vehicle, too, except for one problem: I live in New York City and don’t have a private garage. So although I can walk to the curb to deposit my recycling and compost scraps, finding a curbside EV charger for public use isn’t so easy. Of course, charging an EV is not as much of a conundrum for non-urban dwellers because of the greater likelihood that they have access to a private garage or dedicated parking space. There they can connect their car manufacturer-supplied cable into a standard 120-volt outlet, known as Level 1 charging, which can take 60 hours to deliver a full charge. Depending on the vehicle this will get you between 2 and 4 miles of range per hour of charging. Or to charge their cars five to seven times faster, they can install a Level 2 charger that delivers 240 volts of power. Many EVs can add 30 miles of range per hour or more in this case. (A third type of charger, Level 3, or DC fast charging, is even speedier but is not the kind you can install in your home.)Still, all EV owners are affected by the difficulty of accessing public charging. A 2022 Consumer Reports nationally representative survey (PDF) of 8,027 U.S. adults found that charging logistics, such as where and when they’d be able to charge an EV, were the main barrier to purchasing an EV—beating out range anxiety (concern about how far an EV can travel on a single charge) as well as the costs involved with buying, owning, and maintaining an EV.
Posted:Tue Dec 05 06:00:01 EST 2023

Most Reliable New Midsized SUVs You Can Buy Right Now

Midsized SUVs combine roomy interiors and plenty of cargo space in a package that’s still relatively easy to drive and park. Some models come with all-wheel drive for rough weather, and a few offer a compact third row of seating that adds flexibility.
Posted:Mon Dec 04 09:19:25 EST 2023

More Ford and Lincoln Cars Recalled Because Doors Could Open While Driving

Ford is recalling over 45,000 2015 Fiesta sedans and hatchbacks, 2016 Fusion sedans, and 2016 Lincoln MKZ sedans because their doors may not latch properly and could open while driving. 
Posted:Fri Dec 01 12:20:18 EST 2023

Preview: Tesla Cybertruck Boasts Rapid Acceleration, Up to 470-Mile Range

Tesla Cybertruck customer deliveries have begun, and the long-awaited, and much hyped electric pickup truck is finally hitting the streets. 
Posted:Fri Dec 01 11:12:42 EST 2023

Preview: Freshened 2025 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban Boast More Clever Tech

Chevrolet brings a midlife makeover to the full-sized 2025 Tahoe and Suburban SUVs, freshening them for further duty before a complete redesign later in the decade. 
Posted:Thu Nov 30 15:55:46 EST 2023