Sales Summary

Real Time Performance Tracking

  • Track, in real time, the performance of your shop
  • See demographic breakdowns of vehicles worked on, daily income, week and month-to-date totals as well as projected totals for the current week or month
  • Track the performance of different jobs
  • Track how much each employee earns your shop by seeing breakdowns of how much each mechanic and service writer has brought to company

Track Profits and Losses

  • See daily breakdowns of the performance of your shop
  • Find out how much you revenue your shop as generated daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Analyze your shop's performance between labor and parts to set parts mark-ups accordingly
  • Quickly glance at what days your shop performs the best
Period Comparison

Compare Period Performance

  • Gauge how well your shop is doing compared to previous months, periods or years
  • Visualize your performance with colored graphs
  • View net and gross income for each period
  • Print out reports to have hard copies of your shop's performance for accountants and tax filings

Detailed Shop Breakdowns

  • See a complete list of all jobs completed throughout the week, as well as what day they were completed
  • Get detailed lists of gross sales, sales tax and net sales on a per day basis
  • View the average income per job completed
  • See itemized breakdowns of what jobs bring in the most money for your shop

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