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Running a Business is hard, Make it Easier !!

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Ease Of Use

It can be a pain trying to organize, plan and file your days when you are using services that only specialize in one area.
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Don't pay for multiple services when you can get everything you need from one location, for one low price.
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Nothing is more annoying than having to call support for assistance and getting the ring around from a machine or someone who you can barely understand.

Meet Our Staff

Andrew Murray
This is Andrew Murray. He has spent his entire life motor racing and working on cars. Andrew lives and breathes cars, which is why he is our main support staff so if you need any assistance or have any questions, you can call our 800 number and get connected directly to him. Andrew also works on both front and back end development, creating and updating services as well as improving the way they look so that they are faster and easier to use.
Ross Murray
This is Ross Murray. He founded Cloud Auto Service 30 years ago and has decades of experience in automotive repair and personal first hand experience of owning and managing auto repair shops. He started Cloud Auto Service because he was sick and tired of using bad, unintuitive software from companies that only wanted your money and couldn't care less about you. Ross works on both the optimization and functionality of the service, so if you enjoy the speed and responsiveness of the service, thank Ross.
Jamshaid Kamran
This is Jamshaid Kamran. He is the backbone of Cloud Auto Service, the unsung hero. He is a part of our backend development that is responsible for how you heard about us and how we have all the information on every vehicle you work on to make us the only true all-in-one service. Jamshaid has been a vital member of our team for years and if you enjoy pretty much anything that you see or use from Cloud Auto, Jamshaid had a hand in making that work.