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Ease of Use

  • It can be a pain trying to organize, plan and fill your days when you are using services that only specialize in one area. Auto shop software, also known as automotive shop management software or garage management software, offers numerous benefits for auto repair businesses. Here are several reasons why auto shop software is commonly used:

Streamlined Operations

  • Auto shop software helps streamline various operations within an auto repair shop, including managing appointments, scheduling repairs, tracking inventory, generating invoices, and managing customer information. By automating these tasks, it saves time and reduces errors.

Improved Efficiency

  • With features like digital work orders and electronic invoicing, auto shop software improves the efficiency of workflow processes. Mechanics can easily access work orders, update repair statuses, and communicate with customers, leading to faster turnaround times and improved customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

  • Our auto shop software typically includes inventory management features that track parts and supplies used for repairs. This helps prevent overstocking or running out of essential parts, ensuring that the shop operates smoothly and efficiently.


  • Only pay for what you need and get class leading customer support, where you get directly connected to a real human every time

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Our auto shop software can generate various reports and analytics, such as revenue reports, labor cost analysis, and customer retention rates. By analyzing this data, shop owners can identify trends, make strategic decisions, and optimize their business operations for greater profitability.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Our auto shop software solutions include CRM functionality to manage customer information, track service history, and send automated reminders for routine maintenance or upcoming appointments. This helps build stronger relationships with customers and encourages repeat business.

Financial Management

  • Our auto shop software includes tools for managing finances, such as tracking expenses, generating financial reports, and integrating with accounting software. This allows shop owners to monitor their financial performance and make informed decisions about pricing, inventory, and resource allocation.

Integration with Other Systems

  • Our auto shop software solutions offer integration with other systems commonly used in the automotive industry, such as parts suppliers, diagnostic tools, or vehicle history databases. This integration streamlines processes and ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible from a central platform.

Compliance and Regulations

  • Our auto shop software includes features to help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as environmental regulations or vehicle safety requirements. This helps protect the shop from potential legal issues and ensures that work is performed to the highest standards.


  • Our software is designed around you and what your shop requires. Make the software look exactly how you want to fit your needs


  • Don't pay for multiple services when you can get everything you need from one location, for one low price

Meet The Founders

Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray
This is Andrew Murray. He has spent his entire life motor racing and working on cars. Andrew lives and breathes cars, which is why he is our main support staff so if you need any assistance or have any questions, you can call our 800 number and get connected directly to him. Andrew also works on both front and back end development, creating and updating services as well as improving the way they look so that they are faster and easier to use.
Ross Murray
Ross Murray
This is Ross Murray. He founded Cloud Auto Service 30 years ago and has decades of experience in automotive repair and personal first hand experience of owning and managing auto repair shops. He started Cloud Auto Service because he was sick and tired of using bad, unintuitive software from companies that only wanted your money and couldn't care less about you. Ross works on both the optimization and functionality of the service, so if you enjoy the speed and responsiveness of the service, thank Ross.
Jamshaid Kamran
Jamshaid Kamran
This is Jamshaid Kamran. He is the backbone of Cloud Auto Service, the unsung hero. He is a part of our backend development that is responsible for how you heard about us and how we have all the information on every vehicle you work on to make us the only true all-in-one service. Jamshaid has been a vital member of our team for years and if you enjoy pretty much anything that you see or use from Cloud Auto, Jamshaid had a hand in making that work.

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