Running a Business is hard, Make it Easier !!

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Labor Guide

-Component Location
-Wiring Diagrams
-Parts Guide
-Labor Guide
-Direct From OEM
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Accounting Software

Track Pustanding Invoices
-Mechanic Workloads
-Front Desk Workloads
-Balance Sheets
-Weekly Reports
-Manage Taxes
-Employee Time Clock
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Point of Sale

-Check In/Out Customers
-Give Recommendations
-Set-up Customer Reminders
-Send Picture/Video Updates
-Custom Part and Labor Pricing
-Easy One-Click Job Creation
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Inventory Management

-Create Parts Orders
-Receive Inventory
-Edit and Adjust Stock
-Manage Multiple Shops/Warehouses
-Get Locations of Parts Storage
-Send/Receive Parts Between Stores

Want To Make Running Your Auto Repair Shop Easier?

No Contract No Hassle

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-Create A Custom Calendar
-Schedule Jobs in Advance
-CHeck In Customers Instantly
-Adjust Scheduled Jobs On The Fly
-Pre Assign Vehicles To Specifc Bays
-Track Months In Advance
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-Give Recommendations For Customers
-Use Two Way Texting For Effective Communication
- Show Images and Video of Work Performed
-Use To Schedule Future Jobs
-Add As Work Is Performed
-Track Promotional and Coupon Items
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Reminder Program

-Send Customers Emails and Texts
-Automate Interval Reminders
-Plan Reminders For Specific Customers
-Send Mass Reminders
-Schedule Smog Cert Reminders
-Send Multiple Reminders At Once
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Factory Specs

-Recommended Service Intervals
-OEM Tire Pressures
-Oil Weights and Amounts
-Alignment Specifications
-Engine Reconstruction Specifications
-Any Detail Provided By OEM

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