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Talking Cars 434: The Best and Worst Cars We Tested in 2023

Main theme: This week’s podcast takes a look back at the vehicles we tested throughout 2023 at the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center. From EVs to PHEVs to hybrids to good old-fashioned gas-powered cars, our test program ran the gamut in 2023. And yes, we even tested a few cars fitted with a manual transmission. Talk about retro! After reflection, we each give our picks for our most-favorite and least-favorite models we tested in 2023. 

We wrap up the segment on a hopeful note, with our panelists discussing what automotive-related things they are most looking forward to experiencing in 2024.

Audience Questions

Can plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) take advantage of regenerative braking to extend the driving range just as in EVs and regular hybrids? Does an electric vehicle’s instant torque create an additional traction issue when driving in the snow compared to a conventional gasoline model or a hybrid, even if it has all-wheel drive?

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