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Best Black Friday Car Deals for 2023

The airwaves and the internet are abuzz with holiday deals on the latest gizmos and gadgets. But if you’re looking for truly colossal savings, check out some of the offers at your local car dealerships, where you can save big money.

There are benefits to spending your shopping time buying a new car:• You could save thousands of dollars.• Some 2024 models already have discounts.• The best deals tend to be on the remaining 2023 models, though selection may be limited. (See our complete list of recommended cars and SUVs with discounts.)• Dealers are typically more willing to negotiate to meet their quotas as the end of the month approaches.

In addition to research and reviews, Consumer Reports offers members access to the Build & Buy Car Buying Service at no additional cost. Through this service, members can compare in-stock vehicles, see what others paid for the car they want, and customize their payments online. Once they find the vehicle they’re interested in, members can get upfront price offers online from local certified dealers. On top of national incentives, Consumer Reports members are eligible for additional incentive offers from select manufacturers through the Build & Buy Car Buying Service. Plus, members can get an instant trade-in value for their current vehicle to use toward their next car purchase.

There are a few things to consider when shopping this time of year, but with dealership inventory being thin compared with pre-pandemic levels, it is very much a game of supply and demand. Dealerships tend to be more eager to move leftover models (2023s) now, because they have likely been financing them for a while, and they are eager to make way for the 2024s. This is to the shopper’s advantage, if 2023s are available.

However, there are trade-offs: A 2023 will essentially depreciate a year’s worth as soon as you buy it. This may not matter at all if you are a high-mileage driver or intend to keep the car for six or more years. On the other hand, it is possible the 2024 version has more safety equipment or other desirable features.

Among 2023s, we’re seeing potential savings off MSRP (factoring in all national discounts and negotiation room) of up to 17 percent. Plus, there may be regional and local incentives to add urgency to this shopping holiday.

In choosing the models to highlight, we concentrated on those with a strong Overall Score, which factors in road-test performance, owner satisfaction, reliability, and safety. (Learn more about CR’s car ratings.) From them, we are presenting only those models whose bottom line price is under $50,000 and that carry incentives.

All nationwide incentives are good until at least Nov. 30, meaning they extend through Black Friday (Nov. 24) and Cyber Monday (Nov. 27). Some even extend into 2024. The vehicles are listed in order of percentage of potential savings available off the sticker price. Similar discounts can be found on other versions in addition to those spotlighted.

Detailed pricing information is available on all current vehicles from their respective model pages, linked below.

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