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Finally, a cloud-based auto repair shop management software that helps you grow, is easy to use and builds customer trust. Make your customers happier and your shop more profitable and your life easier!
Cloud Auto Service was built from the ground up by Repair Master Mechanics knowing what they needed, a fully customizable and configurable software package to fit to your shop requirements so you only NEED one software program.

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Autel Diagnostic Tools Integration

Autel offers diagnostics tools that rival that of Snap-On, but for a 10th of the price. At Cloud Auto Service, we are committed to giving you the best possible product for the best possible price. We are now joining forces with Autel, who shares a similar goal, to make an even better product for you, leading the industry in features and support.


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Inspections Report
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One-Click Job Addon
Point of Sale
Factory Specs
Auto Reminders
Inventory Management

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Allow YOUR customers to see their vehicles history, recommended service intervals and a CarFax report

auto repair management software

Exclusive Integration

Aftermarket parts, OEM Parts, Labor Guide, Accounting ALL integrated

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Innovative Tech

The most recent Technical Service Bulletins, Labor pricing for todays vehicles.

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Only a one man shop to 50 employees. Fully scalable at NO extra cost. Log in to your shop from as many computers as you need.

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Industry Expertise

Designed and built by master mechanics, not geeks with a computer, so you know it works for YOU

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Automotive shop management software

We understand that you are in the business to make money, which means that any automotive repair shop software you use better pay for itself several times over. We therefore designed our repair shop software with analysis tools to help you increase your revenue streams and profit margin. Cloud Auto Service lets you know on every ticket if you're meeting the Gross Profit goals you have set for your shop. Take a look at the features and see how Cloud Auto Service can be the tool to make your repair shop more successful.


Automotive shop management software is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution designed to streamline operations within auto repair businesses. An auto shop management software solution may automate administrative tasks and offer real-time insight, improving efficiency while decreasing errors and increasing profits for your auto shop business.

An automotive repair shop management software offers cutting-edge features to enhance operational efficiency. From real-time accounting insights and detailed point-of-sale monitoring to effortless appointment scheduling and complete wiring diagrams, this software streamlines every aspect of auto repair shop management. With accurate labor guides, simplified inventory management, and transparent service information, an auto repair shop management software empowers businesses to deliver exceptional service while optimizing workflows. Plus, this software lets you access factory specifications directly from the source, ensuring reliability and precision in every service.

When it comes to the best automotive repair software, it depends heavily on the business size and specific needs. Generally, you need to consider your budget, including your monthly subscription, upfront costs, and additional charges, number of employees, ease of use, customer support, and most importantly, features, such as:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Inventory management

  • Scheduling and appointment management

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Invoicing and payments

  • Accounting Software Integration

For small businesses, take a close look into its ease of setup, free trial, and scalability, especially when you are a startup and your business is growing. And, if you run a large-scale business, ensure the auto repair shop management software is easy to customize according to your business needs and integrate with the existing systems while meeting security requirements.

As technology advances, there’s no single ‘Best’ automotive repair software for small businesses. To choose the ideal one from a lot of options, you need to consider the specific business needs and priorities, including:

  • Understanding core business needs, such as inventory management, accounting software integration, point-of-sale, scheduling, reminder programs, invoicing and payments, and much more

  • Determine the number of employees and business locations.

  • Since starting a small business, consider how much you can spend on auto repair shop management software. Generally, it depends on the features it offers and your shop size.

  • Ease and customization of software integrations to your existing tools

  • Ensure its scalability. As your business grows, the software should be able to scale up accordingly.

Whether you have a startup automotive business or your auto repair shop is at the peak of growth and success, it must keep pace with technological advancements for day-to-day operations to stay ahead of competitors. The best way to do so is to ditch the desktop and go cloud! With cloud-based shop management software, you can control your car repair business from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Leveraging the advanced features, you can streamline your workflows and share updates and details instantly with your team while improving communication and customer relationships.


"With Cloud Auto Service, we don't look like a mom and pop shop. Our business looks like a professional operation."

Increase in Shop Sales


Boost in Shop Margins


Boost in average RO value


Better Customer Retention


Better Labor Pricing

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Track, in real time, the performance of your shop with our automotive shop accounting software.
See demographic breakdown of all Vehicles worked on.

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Point of Sales

View active workorders and the status that they are in
Hover over each job to get a quick summary page of the work being performed

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Plan your days effeciently with our automotive repair scheduling software. Easily track the what, when and how long of customer appointments.

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Color Schematics

Wiring Diagrams provide comprehensive guides as published by the Original Equipment Manufacturer

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Labor Guide

Partnered with MOTOR to give you accurate labor guides, wiring diagrams and procedures straight from the manufacturers.

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Inventory Management

We offer a complete system that takes the burden of managing inventory off your hands.

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Give Customers The Confidence They Need To Keep Coming Back

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Factory Specs

Get accurate and reliable factory information, gathered directly from the source.

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The EASIEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE Management Software

Join us in discovering the convenience of technology.

Inspect ALL the vehicle's information on one page - QUICKLY - see Labor Guide, Aftermarket Parts, Installation Guides - EVERYTHING - On one page
Cloud Auto Service is a cloud based auto repair software that allows users to access their workshop data from anywhere, at any time, using any device with a Cell/Internet connection. This means you can manage your business from the workshop floor, from home, or even while you're on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data entry and hello to more time spent doing what you do best – fixing vehicles.

CloudAuto's 2-way SMS and email reminders ensure that your customers never miss an appointment, keeping your schedule running smoothly and efficiently with our automotive repair scheduling software. You can even use these capabilities to market your business and win new clients.

Check and adjust profit margins for detailed reporting. With our automotive shop accounting software, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and grow your business.
Auto parts database software

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